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Penny Malone is back with Season 2 of her popular show.

Penny Malone is back with Season 2 of her popular show “Everyday Living with Penny”.

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Family reunions – school reunions – anniversary parties – award

dinners – special sporting events – you name it!

You can enjoy your special event!  Let Hartley Media Services

record everything for you so you can leave your camera

at home and really enjoy yourself!  Our prices are super

reasonable and you can expect quality, professional service

all the way through.  Please call us when you have an event

coming up, and we’ll tell you how you can “Enjoy the day – put

your camera away”!  


HTV can now be seen in more areas on SCTC Cable – 

serving new areas in Wise, Russell & Dickenson



HTV Network –  the home of “Full-length TV”.

Have you ever wished you could see the full performance of a favorite artist, or a high school sports game in it’s entirety?
Look no further, 
because you will see the events we film from start to finish!

Our Channels

Heritage TV (HTV) serves Lee, Wise, Dickenson, Duffield, and the City of Norton, VA on Comcast cable on Digital Channel 266.

HTV3 is seen on the BVU/OptiNet cable system serving Bristol, Abingdon, Mendota, and parts of Washington Co., VA., on Channel 3.

HTV84 is on Scott County Cable (SCTC) Channel 84.

HTV3 is on Cable Plus, Inc. Channel 3. Cable Plus serves Haysi, Lebanon, Rosedale, Southwest Virginia Community College, Breaks Interstate Park, Belfast, and other area communities.

We also have a Gospel Schedule of churches and ministries that airs on HTV 266.

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